Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wikki Stix like woah

A follow up to my last post about programming over school break. For the Wikki Stix Workshop yesterday nearly fifty children, plus their parents and caregivers, crowded the children's room to make all sorts of lovely things.

The youngest children used coloring sheet templates to fill in butterfly or kite designs. Others made their own "drawing" on white paper.

Jewelry and tiaras were quite popular among the young ladies. Check out these rings.

Food was also an inspiration. Go carrot salad!

And my favorite (oops, probably not supposed to admit that I have one) were the many detailed miniature cupcakes created by our resident artist Margaret, age ten.


  1. Thanks for sharing the children's works of art! You had quite a crowd. The community must know that the library is the place to be.


  2. Now I want to go out and find some Wikki Stix to play with!
    Sounds like you had a great turn out for the activity...I cannot even imagine so many children at one time! I enjoyed seeing samples of their projects and am curious to taste that purple drink!

  3. Hi Sarah,

    Can i find out more details of your Wikki Stix workshop? Like how you conducted it, what Wikki Stix products and materials did you use etc.. Would like to conduct one myself for a kids party. Please email me at