Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Anti-Shush

Live in New York City?

Like libraries?

Then you should certainly attend We Will Not Be Shushed: A 24-Hour Read-In in support of New York City's public libraries. It begins this Saturday, June 12th at 5PM on the steps of Brooklyn Public Library's Central Library in Grand Army Plaza.

Library funding for the upcoming budget year is still being determined, and as currently proposed by Mayor Bloomberg would devastate service as we know it. As in, a reduction of $16.9 million to Queens Library, $20.6 million to Brooklyn Public Library, and $37 million to New York Public Library, representing a cumulative 30% decrease in funding since 2008. This would result in 40 library closures citywide, 30% of library staff being laid off, and many libraries open only 2-3 days per week.

Unless the City Council votes to restore funding, these drastic measures will take effect on July 1, 2010. Show your support for the local library systems by attending We Will Not Be Shushed where public library supporters as well as staff will read aloud from books of their choosing. Readings will span multiple genres to reflect the wide range of information found within libraries, along with late night scary stories and a Sunday morning storytime for children.

Or if you're unable to come, take action by signing the various petitions in support of New York libraries, Queens Library, Brooklyn Library and New York Public Library. Write to your elected officials to tell them that library funding is important to you.