Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hello Kitty

Meeow and the Little Chairs
by Sebastian Braun
Boxer Books
ISBN: 9781906250881

Meeow first caught my eye with his resemblance to Chococat.
Chococat was always my favorite Sanrio character, but Meeow brings stiff competition with his fashionable scarf. Plus he has a mouth! Even better than accessorized smiling cats however, is the direct storytelling, presentation and liveliness perfectly considered for toddlers.

In Meeow and the Little Chairs, Meeow is introduced along with his four friends who have come over to play. His friends are different animals appropriately enough named after the sound they make: Baa the Sheep, Moo the Cow, Quack the Duck and Woof the Dog. Each is featured carrying various colored props, and working together with the special item Meeow finds in his bookbag, they create a very exciting game!

There is a certain genius behind creating the most simple of stories that are engaging for the youngest children. Short, repetitive sentences are combined with dialogic style questions like, "What have you found Meeow?" and "What can they be doing?" to build interest. The concise text integrates concepts of animal names and sounds, colors and imaginative play with opportunities for read aloud extensions using noises and movement. Primary colored cartoon characters are depicted energetically in motion, even more noticeable amid the uncluttered background with boldly sized font.

The cheerful, developmentally conscious approach is exactly captured on the inside jacket flap:
Say hello to Meeow. Like every young child, Meeow has fun making things! Play and learn with Meeow.

Meeow and the Big Box was also published in 2009, with the upcoming Meeow and the Pots and Pans hitting shelves April 6, 2010.


  1. That book looks adorable! A sophomore in college wants to read it, so I'm sure young children would as well.

  2. er, i can't believe i never made the connection between meeow and the beloved chocoat. but, it totally explains my instant attraction to him. thanks for the insight, sarah!

  3. I so enjoy your posts. If I were still working, I would print out some of info for our teachers and refer them to the blog!


  4. Mary: I'll plan on reading it to you when I next visit!

    Jenn: Yay, you found me! Happy I could connect the cuteness dots.

    Carol: Thanks for the compliment! I'm flattered to hear you find some of the content useful for teachers too... we're all in it together!